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Sunday, August 28th, 2011 | Author:

Is natural gas is more environmentally harmful than coal? – Solar Power Adelaide

Forget gold! Investing in green technology may be the way to go – Greener Energy Buys

An overview of green architecture in China – Chinese Blog

Green Energy Defined – Green Technology

Monday, June 27th, 2011 | Author:

Did you know Paris offers bike rentals for the cost of a Metro ticket? – Green Blogger

Does being a vegan automatically mean you are eating sustainably? No, but you could do much worse – The Green Girl Next Door

Looking into a green roof? Why not consider Sedum? – Live From the Roof

Car buyers may be avoiding electric cars because people are dumb – Earth Techling

Monday, June 20th, 2011 | Author:

I have no idea how effective these products are, but at least there is someone out there looking to make sure you can be green while taking care of your dog – GreenDog Naturals

…There are plenty of green health care products out there for people too –

Did you know vinyl records are the greener than cloud based music storage? – Ubergizmo

A hilarious green flash mob – inhabitat

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Thursday, June 16th, 2011 | Author:

Chicago Cubs Water Bottle

If you’re serious about helping the environment reusable water bottles are the only way to go. For the vast majority of Americans tap water is perfectly safe and buying bottled water only adds to the vast landfills that are constantly expanding. It is estimated that Americans throw out close to 40 billion water bottles a year.

The good news is that is is easy to go green with stainless steel water bottles. Green Store and More now offers a wide variety of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA themed water bottles. I know from experience that these bottles never wear out. One bottle is all you will ever need. They are also the perfect size to fit any standard cup holder.

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I Love the Summer

Father’s Day is only a week away. Here are 6 great green gifts for dad – Inhabitat

Want to see what a real green table looks like? – GreenMuze

Worried about the amount of water you are using? Try adding a rain barrel to your property – Build That Green

Five of the Best iPhone Apps that Make Going Green a Breeze – Fangaroo

Don’t throw away that old yoga mat just yet! Here are 26 uses for yoga mats that have seen better days – That’s Fit

Vote for the worst chemical! Or something like that I guess…. I’m really not sure what is going on here – The Toxies

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We have some great specials this month at Green Store and More! These products are all best sellers, so we decided to offer free shipping!


Optical Children’s Small Computer Mouse – White
Cost: $19.95
Shipping: FREE!

Optical Children's Small Computer Mouse - White

Optical Children's Small Computer Mouse - White

Chester Creek’s Tiny Mouse is about half the size of a standard computer mouse and just right for your child’s small hands. A scroll wheel and colored right and left buttons help kids learn to click and move the cursor with greater comfort and control.

Learn More About this RoHS Complaint Mouse!


15-Key Mbira (African Thumb Piano)
Price: $31.99
Shipping: Free!

15-Key Mbira (African Thumb Piano)

15-Key Mbira (African Thumb Piano)

This unique African instrument makes a great gift for any musician! The quintessential African instrument from Zimbabwean with a magical sound.

Learn more about this great instrument!


Sunpak SC-800 Ultra Slim Solar NiMH Battery Charger
Cost: $22.99
Shipping: Free!

Sunpak SC-800 Ultra Slim Solar NiMH Battery Charger

Sunpak SC-800 Ultra Slim Solar NiMH Battery Charger

Go Green with the Sunpak SC-800 AA charger by harnessing the power of the sun for all your USB devices; cell phone, iPod, PDA, GPS, MP3 Players and games. The SC-800 Ultra Slim Solar Charger can charge all your USB devices over and over using sunlight or USB power sources. It Ultra slim size and shape makes it great for traveling, camping and on the go.

Learn more about this charger!

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Monday, May 30th, 2011 | Author:

Making Green Employment in Five Measures –

It’s Never too Early to Start Planning a Green Halloween –

Five “Green” Alternative Products For Your Home –

Why Working from Home is the Ultimate Green Move – TriplePundit

A Citizen’s Guide to (LEED for) Neighborhood Development – Natural Resources Defense Council

10 Solutions for Running a Green Business – Austin Tenant Advisors

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 | Author:

1. What city in the United States has the greatest percentage of customer participation in Green Energy programs? – BrighterEnergy News

2. What U.S. city sells the most Green Energy (kWh)? – Some Blog

3. What city is a close 2nd in Green Energy sales (kWh)? -Austin Texas Blog

4. It makes sense that having your computer is sleep mode uses less energy than a screen saver. But how much more energy does a computer in screen saver mode consume compared to a computer is sleep mode? – InfoWorld

5. Manufacturing computers requires energy. What percent of the life-cycle energy costs associated with a single computer come from its manufacture and what percent from its operation? – Going Green Today











1. Palo Alto, California

2. Austin, Texas

3. Portland, Oregon

4. A computer using a screen saver can use 10 times more energy

5. “81% of the life-cycle energy costs associated with a single computer is from its manufacture, only 19% from its operation. In other words, the computer you’re using right now, in all the years you’ll own it, will never consume more energy than was required to create it.”

Monday, May 02nd, 2011 | Author:
Is Your Town or City Green?

Is Your Town or City Green?

For this month’s survey question I want to know how much you think your town is doing for the environment? Be sure to vote on the sidebar to the right and leave examples of what your town is doing in the comments below.

Where I live there is a free recycling program as well as a smart grid electricity network. What is your town doing?

Monday, May 02nd, 2011 | Author:

Greenpeace has name Apple the “least green tech company in the world” – Environmental, Health and Safety News

Downtown Houston is starting to open hotels and restaurants that cater to green customers – CultureMap

Plan on visiting Orlando in the near future? Do you want to at least make an effort to go green during your visit? Do you have $3 to spend? If you said yes to all of these questions check out Sutra Media’s Orland Green Travel App. This application highlights attractions, lodging, restaurants, and more that try to minimize their carbon footprint – Orlando Attractions Magazine

I’m not quite sure how having your remains liquefied would be any greener than a natural burial, but it sure is more repulsive to think about – Love Life Like Yourself

“LSSU Graduates go Green with Gowns Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles” – EUPNews