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Can Plastic Toys Really be Green? – EcoCrazy Mom

Speaking of Toys, Jose Gomez-Marquez is Using Toys to Save Lives. And That’s not an Exaggeration – Global Good Group

Who Will Win 2012 Green Car of the Year? – Road & Track

Forget the Cool and Focus on the Green – Green Living Tips

The Sierra Club Guide to Eco-Friendly Furniture – Sierra Club Green Home

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    November 14, 2011

    A sturdy toy plastic or wood can still go green. plastic toys which lasted for many years and still can be recycled is not a liability to mother earth. Your featured toys are great and look so sturdy.
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    November 27, 2011

    Almost everyone is aware on the need to go green. Transformation will not take in an instance but in a slow moving process, no need to worry at least there is a progress.
    In our place there is this city ordinance that the garbage collector will not get your garbage if it is not segregated to biodegradable and the non biodegradable. That is a good policy, we in the community must learn our respective role in protecting the earth.
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  3. I once saw a news feature that cautioned those buying a hybrid car, vs a regular gasoline vehicle, strictly for saving fuel. You’d have to hold onto the hybrid for at least 7 years just to make up the MSRP difference in gas money saved.
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