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Chicago Cubs Water Bottle

If you’re serious about helping the environment reusable water bottles are the only way to go. For the vast majority of Americans tap water is perfectly safe and buying bottled water only adds to the vast landfills that are constantly expanding. It is estimated that Americans throw out close to 40 billion water bottles a year.

The good news is that is is easy to go green with stainless steel water bottles. Green Store and More now offers a wide variety of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA themed water bottles. I know from experience that these bottles never wear out. One bottle is all you will ever need. They are also the perfect size to fit any standard cup holder.

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  1. I never knew they are also eco friendly :D
    Satinder´s last [type] ..Renting Car For Long Term.

  2. I have been using my stainless steel bottle for over a year now and i am saving lots of money. i just make sure to fill it up before i go out and now i never need to buy water

  3. Eco-friendliness FTW! Every small measure counts. I’m glad to see people like you are blogging about eco-friendly products like this. All of us joining and making efforts TOGETHER will help us make a REAL change in the world, which is much needed.

    Anish: Organic Gardener´s last [type] ..Growing Peach Trees

  4. I truly support your idea to use the reusable water bottles. Its helps to save our environment.

  5. that’s really cool green idea .well here in india we use mud vessels to store liquid ..and normally while caring water we use plastic bottles. this is a very good initiative and will surely buy one. ..but i cannot see images on your website??
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  6. I don’t see why more cities have water fountains in place for these kinds of water bottles. Especially here in the UK on a trip to London I couldn’t find any water fountains for ages and when I asked in bars for water they looked at me blankly!

  7. 7
    October 13, 2011

    I know, it is much safer than the traditional plastic water bottles.
    Sonny´s last [type] organizing

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