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Is Your Town or City Green?

Is Your Town or City Green?

For this month’s survey question I want to know how much you think your town is doing for the environment? Be sure to vote on the sidebar to the right and leave examples of what your town is doing in the comments below.

Where I live there is a free recycling program as well as a smart grid electricity network. What is your town doing?

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  1. free recycling program is not enough nowodays…

  2. Oh god. My town SUCKS. Like, seriously.. Out of the public places, there’s just one small park which has moderate amount of greenery but over all, it’s quite bad. You look at the town from a high roof and all you see are cemented roofs. Lol.
    But again, I live in a small town of North India, can’t really expect much as of right now.
    Anish: Organic Gardener´s last [type] ..Growing a Pineapple

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