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“Green Store and More is a family run business that strives to offer green products of all kinds at fair prices.”

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Heather Recycled Juice Box Beach Tote
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Heather Recycled Juice Box Beach Tote

Heather Recycled Juice Box Beach Tote

This extremely popular bag is made from recycled juice boxes that create a unique colorful design. These bags make great gifts for young people and teens.

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Flat Tire Footwear Women’s Catalina Taupe Sandals
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Flat Tire Footwear Womens Catalina Taupe Sandals

Flat Tire Footwear Women's Catalina Taupe Sandals

This traditional slide features corner stitch construction with a neoprene lining allowing for easy-on, easy-off comfort.

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Motion-Activated Solar 14 LED Security Floodlight
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Motion-Activated Solar 14 LED Security Floodlight

Motion-Activated Solar 14 LED Security Floodlight

This solar powered security light features 14 super bright LEDs.

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Bike Sharing

Bike Sharing

Reading the Chicago Tribune this morning while having morning coffee, I came across an interesting article on “bike sharing” in Chicago.   With  a swipe of an Id card, students can unlock bikes to ride to class or off campus.  Some Chicago  workplaces have begun offering bikes for their employees from the Sears Tower to the Field Museum.  You  can check out a bike and ride around Chicago or the Lake Front during your lunch hour.  What a novel idea.  Mayor Daley introduced it to Chicago after a visit to Paris where it is used city wide.    I would like to see this “green-bike”  program sprout all over, isn’t it an interesting concept?  No charge, just check out a bike, great for the environment, great for your health, just a good idea all around.

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Buying different chemicals for every cleaning task isn’t the greenest way to go. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of white vinegar’s cleaning properties – Focus Organic

Lexus is planning on making hybrid versions of all of their automobiles. This isn’t the most recent article, but I hadn’t heard about it before – Hybrid Jungle

By 2015 even consumers that don’t want to will be using environmentally friendlier bags – Project: Green Industry

Merscom and National Geographic Games have released a Sim City like game with a focus on environmental issues – Blue’s News

CNBC lists the 15 greenest cities in America – CNBC

Not all of these ideas are practical, but here is a cool list of 10 future city designs – DVICE

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Mr. Jalopy's treasures

Mr. Jalopy's treasures

What is Maker’s Movement? A simple explanation is,”You need to be able to modify, hack, repair, rebuild and reuse the stuff that you buy.”  This is an interesting concept.  Don’t throw away items when they don’t work – repair them.  Especially in our current economic environment – this is the way to go.  If something is glued shut and does not come with a manual – don’t buy it.

I read an interesting article on this on, where “Mr. Jalopy” (his pen name) wrote an article on Maker’s Bill of  Rights. 

What do you think?  If it cannot be repaired, reused or recycled – don’t buy it.

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Time for Spring Window Cleaning

Time for Spring Window Cleaning

Spring has finally reached Chicagoland and it is time to clean the windows, covered with a thin film of fall and winter grime.  There are some great recipes for window cleaning solutions, I will tell you the two I have tried at the end of this blog, but I do want to share a tip for drying the windows without streaking:

Sponge on the cleaner then wipe off with crumpled newspapers (not colored print).  Believe it or not the crumpled newspapers keep the windows from streaking.  Recycle the paper when you are done.

Do not clean the windows when the sun is shining on them, they will dry too fast and leave streaks before they can be wiped.

Wash one side of the window up and down and the other side to side.  That way if there is any residual streaking you know what side to polish.

Two recipes that I have tried ( the 2nd one is the one I normally use):

1.  2 cups isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) , 1/2 cup amonia, 1 tsp liquid dish detergent and top off with water until you have 1 gallon of cleaner

2.  2 tablespoons cornstarch, 1/2 cup amonia, 1/2 cup white vinegar and top off with warm water until you have 1 gallon.  Make sure the cornstarch is dissolved.

Happy Cleaning!  Let me know if you have any tips on making those windows glisten.


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Is there going to be a carbon tax in British Columbia? – A BCer in Toronto

Green ideas to get rid of garden pests – Green And Health Wise

10 brand new Green furniture designs – treehugger

General Electric has created the first incandescent shaped compact fluorescent bulb (Don’t worry we are working on getting some for the store) –

Composting for kids step by step slide show – Sustainable Production Systems

Green Spring cleaning tips – EarthShare

Earth Day craft ideas for kids – Amazing Moms

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Reuseable quilted shopping bags - 4 pieces

Reuseable quilted shopping bags - 4 pieces


Sorry we are SOLD OUT of our ReUseable Shopping Bags  featured as one of our April Specials.  

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Are You Wasting Energy?

Are You Wasting Energy?

Planet Green has an interesting article about 8 commonly left on appliances that are wasting energy and probably costing you money. Even while in standby mode all of these appliances are using enough energy to make a difference on your electric bill. Check out to see exactly how much power each item is wasting.

Their List:

  • TV
  • DVD Player
  • Modem
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Phone Charger
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Space Heater
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When is Earth Day? It’s April 22nd 2009. This April 22nd try to do something for the Earth. Here are some simple ways to participate:

- Car Pool: Hitch a ride with a friend. A friend needs to go to the store, you need to get some milk, go together you just participated in Earth Day.

- Plant Something: This might sound stupid but it’s simple. Start growing some vegetables for the summer. Hey go all out, plant a tree in your yard.

- Start Composting: Not sure how to do it? Experts can tell you how on books sold at the Also, make sure to buy biodegradable items.

- Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting: Take the three most used light fixtures in your house and switch the bulbs to energy efficient ones. You’ll save the earth and on your energy bill. You can find them here at the

- Try to only create a handful of garbage all day. Recycle everything you use. Use washable plates and utencils. If you go shopping bring your own shopping bag like these: Shopping Bags. Do your best to not waste anything.

There are a lot of other ways to participate.  Please write your suggestions here.  Remember Earth Day is  April 22nd, 2009.

Earth Day 2009

Earth Day 2009

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Recycle Your Athletic Shoes

Recycle Your Athletic Shoes

On May 13th and 14th, 2009 the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC) will be holding their 10th annual athletic shoe recycling event in Glenview Illinois. The recycled shoes will be used to make sports courts and surfaces. Green Store And More plans on being there, and if you live in the Chicagoland area you should plan on coming out. For more information check out SWANCC’s site.