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Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Solar Riega Multifunction Two-Tone Bracelet Watch  Citizen Women's Lobella Eco-Drive Solar Watch With Black Strap  Citizen Women's Lobella Eco-Drive Solar Watch With Brown Strap  Citizen Women's Lobella Eco-Drive Solar Watch With Purple Strap

Citizen Women's Eco-Drive Solar Silhouette Green Bracelet Watch  Citizen Women's Eco-Drive Solar Silhouette Orange Bracelet Watch  Citizen Women's Eco-Drive Solar Silhouette Red Bracelet Watch  Citizen Women's Solar Fashion Strap Eco-Drive Gold-Tone Watch

Green Store And More has added some great new items over the last couple of weeks including a great collection of Citizen Eco-Drive Solar Watches. These high quality watches are available at up to $200 below MSRP, and make great gifts.

Citizen has staked out a new position as the leader in Ecologically Friendly timekeeping with its Eco-Drive collection of light powered watches. With models ranging from dress to sport to professional dive watches, Citizen Eco-Drive runs continuously in any kind of natural or artificial light for a lifetime of use. Fueled by light, it never needs a battery. With the introduction of Skyhawk A-T radio controlled atomic-timekeeping flight chronographs, Citizen reaffirmes its position as a leader in timekeeping technology.

UPDATE: I didn’t make it very clear in the original post, but these watches are ‘Green’, because they are solar powered. Standard watch batteries are almost always not rechargeable, so even though they are very small they impact the environment negatively. In addition to this, many old watch batteries are made with mercury, which is very harmful to the environment. Though not as popular as they once were, these mercury batteries are still available in some places and should be avoided at all costs.