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Hypermiling, have you heard of it??? It’s a new term that refers to changes made to your car and the way you drive that improve gas mileage. How new is it? New enough to get that terrible red underline when you type it in WORD. Enthusiasts compete in hypermiling events that achieve amazing mpg. Probably the most popular event is the Shell Eco-Marathon. There is a competition in Europe and America each year. The official rules can be found here. A Mater Dei High School team from Evansville, IN achieved an amazing 2843.4 mpg in 2008! There can be great benefits if this sport really catches on. Like how Formula One racing in Europe produces many advances in car handling and engine performance, hypermiling can do for gas mileage and fuel efficiency. While it doesn’t offer the speed and excitement of a regular race, hypermiling does show amazing feats of ingenuity that should be on display!

Photo from Shell Eco-Marathon 2008

Photo from Shell Eco-Marathon 2008

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  1. Never heard about HYPERMILING before. this is very intersting

  2. Actually the Top Gear Guys did this on a recent episode.
    You can watch the “econo-race” between Basel and Blackpool here.

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  3. 3
    February 20, 2009

    Great video GregR! Unfortunately it looks like part 1 was pulled.

  4. Hurray for Mater Dei High School! (I’m from Evansville..!)


  5. Hmm,I think I have read it already. But you just gave me the whole idea of the term.

    But does it contributes to ECO-campaign with regards to gas-efficiency and millage? Electric cars?

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  6. Hypermiling? new to me, but it looks like a good competition their competing for mpg that means technology for fuel eco car would improve because of this encouraging competition. oh and by the way that is really a nice car on the picture really cute

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  7. it’s about time we focus on environment concerns.. hope majority would go eco-friendly..

    ~by coffee barista

  8. Have heard other hyper stuff but this is the first time I have heard of hypermiling, more than the word the use of it is really important.

  9. Hypermiling may take some time to take off. You know a slow steady increase but adventually it will get up to speed. (Yes the pun was intended, couldn’t help myself). I think it is great to work on getting more out of your existing vehicle rather than buying something new to get better results.

  10. Now time is going to protect the environment and the message is given by you to save it.

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  11. Some people I know who do hypermiling agree that it does help improve the fuel efficiency. Will there be another Eco-Marathon this year?

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