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Where Does the Garbage Go?
By Paul Showers
Illustrated by Tandy Chewning
32 pages , Ages K thru 4

Where Does the Garbage Go? is part of the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science books . These books are designed to satisfy a young child’s curiosity about how the world works. This is considered a Stage 2 book that explores the more challenging concepts for children in the primary grades.

Now for my opinion… It was great! It easily defined the complex terms such as landfill, incinerators and recycling centers. Through many pictures and simple sentences, a complex problem of disposing of trash was explained.

The book follows trash from the garbage truck to the landfill and explains how a landfill may turn into a park. It explains incinerators and how some cities burn their trash. Lastly it explains the importance of Recycling.

This book is a must for any young family that would like to start their children early on the concept of “green living” and recycling.

As an added bonus it is educational and an easy read for 2nd grade and higher, and a great book for parents/grandparents to read to younger children. The pictures follow the story making it easy to follow along with the reader.

I rate this 4 out of 5 apples for context and pictures.

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