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Earth Week Logo

Q: When is Earth Week 2012?

A: April 16-22

Q: What is Earth Week?

A: Earth Week is when communities come together to do activities focused on environmental issues. Communities can include physical villages, towns, and cities; online communities; or even businesses and television networks. The first Earth Week most likely was celebrated in Philadelphia in 1970.

Q: What Can I do to Celebrate Earth Week?

A: What CAN’T you do? Turn the lights off and eat by candlelight for an evening. Bike instead of drive for a day. Fix your leaky faucets. Start a compost bin…. There are no limits to the things you can do to help the environment during Earth Week. Who knows? Maybe some of them will become habits.

Q: Is Earth Week Some Kind of Scam?

A: NO! Not at all. Of course, as with anything Green related, be wary of businesses committing acts of greenwashing.

Q: Where can I find out more Information about Earth Week?

A: Locally, I would recommend checking out your city’s website. For example my hometown (Naperville, Illinois) has a lists Earth Week activities on its City Notes Page.

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Can Plastic Toys Really be Green? – EcoCrazy Mom

Speaking of Toys, Jose Gomez-Marquez is Using Toys to Save Lives. And That’s not an Exaggeration – Global Good Group

Who Will Win 2012 Green Car of the Year? – Road & Track

Forget the Cool and Focus on the Green – Green Living Tips

The Sierra Club Guide to Eco-Friendly Furniture – Sierra Club Green Home

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Care2′s Green Halloween Guide – Care2.com

Moana Saves’ Green Your Halloween Guide – Moana Saves

The Wilderness Society’s Green Halloween Ideas – The Wilderness Society

Green Halloween is Actually a National Program – Green Halloween

Genefaith’s Home’s Eco Friendly Tips To Make Halloween A Green One – Genefaith’s Home

Make Halloween Green… For Your Dog! – Raise a Green Dog!

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Five Companies that Really Mean Green – The Daily Muse

After Obama’s Broken Promises, What Will Green Voters Do 2012? Hopefully not Vote Republican – Celsias

It’s Not an Eco-Friendly Article, but I Found This Website’s Discussion of the Psychology of the Color Green to be Really Interesting – BuildDirect

“The University of Utah has Stepped up in Athletics by Joining the Pac-12, and it is Also Stepping up its Commitment to Renewable Energy” – The University of Utah

Harvard Students are, Indeed, Engaged with the Environment – The Harvard Crimson

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An interview with envirnomentally conscious professional hockey player Lee Stempniak – Green Living

If you’re looking for some data that builds a case for the benefits for green buildings, look no further – HSPI

If Dubai, a part of the 4th largest oil exporting country in the world, can make a pledge to supply 5% of their energy needs using renewable energy why can’t the rest of the world? – InvestInGreenEnergy.com

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The hit musical Wicked has decided to go green. They are now offering a digital alternative to the traditional paper program – Playbill

Don’t worry! Green is still the new black – Center for American Progress

Who is the Ultimate Green Game Changer? (Warning: It’s a slide show) (Warning 2: Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is listed as an ultimate green game changer. I’m sure the kid does a lot of good, but top 10?? That may be pushing it) – The Huffington Post

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Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials (notably crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. Simply put it is energy that is released from certain substances when they are put under pressure. One of the most common uses of piezoelectricity in consumer products is the electric cigarette lighter. The electric cigarette lighter contains a piezoelectric crystal.

On the small scale piezoelectricity already has a minimal effect in reducing our reliance on manufactured electricity. Items like loudspeakers, inkjet printers, buzzers, and x-ray machines use piezoelectricity in the place of normal electricity to complete small tasks. But can the principles of piezoelectricity be used for something more substantial? Here are what some companies and places are trying to do:

  • An assemblyman in California has proposed installing a piezoelectric system under the state’s highway.
  • Innowattech is developing a form of piezoelectric generator that can be placed under roadways, railways, runways and pedestrian walkways. The energy generated can then be used for local power needs or routed into the grid.
  • The city of Toulouse, France uses power generating tiles in the sidewalk to power streetlights.
  • Soon simply walking could generate enough energy to power your cell phone
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The Benefits Of Driving A Hybrid Car – Rami Magazine

What is the Definition of a Green Home? – Green Living Ideas

Google has disclosed that it continuously uses enough electricity to power 200,000 homes – New York Times Green Blog

Is Constructing Your Won Personal Greenhouse Worth the Effort? Probably not, but it Would be Pretty Awesome – Be Truly Green

Can a Green Building Turn Brown? – Sustainable Building

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Dried Goji Berries

Green Investments Can Get You a Green Card – Penny Stocks for Dummies

Piezoelectricity is a renewable power source that can originate for resources such as Rochelle salt, topaz, or quartz. Is it the green energy of the future? – Solar Water Heatings

As a renter you may sometimes feel that it is hard to control how green your living environment is. Here are some tips to help – Earth 4 Energy

“Energy Star Refrigerators Save You Money, No Matter Your Political Party” (I just really like the article name) – Cool Green Mag

Did you know you can use dried berries in your washing machine to clean clothes totally detergent free? I’m not 100% sure I believe that, but it’s something worth trying! – Residences at Little River

I had no idea that there were wood burning power plants. That sounds ridiculously wasteful to me – Climate Connections

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What steps is your place of employment taking to be green? Do they encourage the use of less paper or have a recycling program? Are there steps they are taking to use less electricity? Let us know in the comments!

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